Thursday, February 3, 2011

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Am I paranoid if I identify Emergency Exits or sit facing the entrance in public places? Am I paranoid for locking my doors and turning on outside lights at night? Am I paranoid because I carry a utility knife and keep a handgun within arm’s reach of my bed? Just what is “paranoid” these days?
I am a martial artist who learned many years ago that self-defense training is more than two or three nights a week at the local karate studio. True self-defense, like fitness, is a lifestyle. I don’t diet but I do make healthy choices because those are the foods I want to eat. I exercise not to “get in shape” but to maintain a strong body and mind that can meet any demand placed on it. I have studied American Kenpo for over 30 years and researched modern self-preservation methods because the only one responsible for my safety and security is myself. The police do a great job of catching bad guys but more often than not, they end up investigating the crime scene. Stretched thin, over-worked, and under-paid, their ability to prevent crimes is limited at best. As an American raised on John Wayne and Louis L’Amour, the ultimate responsibility to ensure that I live a long, healthy, and productive life, is mine alone. In my youth, I played the man-dance and survived several violent encounters that should have left me dead. I believe in the basic “goodness” of people but have seen the worst of what one human being can do to another. In all likelihood, I will spend the rest of my life without ever getting into another fight or being shot or cut again. As the saying goes though, “failing to prepare is preparing to fail”. We can never choose what bad things will happen to us but we can strive to be prepared when they do.

My name is Rick Brumby; I am a career martial artist, a student of history, modern combatives, combat conditioning, and a survivor. I make no claims to be a “Master” or an expert on anything but to paraphrase my teacher, Paul Mills, how can you teach swimming if you’ve never been in the water. I’ve been in the water and hope that my experiences can offer a little insight and a few ideas on how to stay safe and healthy. Welcome to my Blog.

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